House Cleaning and Health

At the end of the day, all of us like to return to a clean and neat home. A home should be a peaceful oasis where we can relax and relieve the stress accumulated during our working hours. Undoubtedly, keeping everything in perfect order all the time is anything but easy. 

However, to protect our and our family’s health, regular cleaning should become a habit, no matter how challenging it can get. The impact that proper hygiene and cleanliness have on health is huge. Not only does living in a healthy environment lower the risk of contracting or transmitting diseases, but it also has a positive effect on our psyche. Click here for more.

Benefits of a clean home

No one cleans just to keep up appearances. Sure, it’s nice to receive praise from impressed guests, but there are many other benefits of a clean home worth mentioning. Unquestionably, the most significant is the effect cleaning has on health, which has been scientifically proven time and again.

Here are some of the advantages anyone can achieve by creating a good habit of cleaning regularly:

  • Finishing faster the next time you clean,
  • A fresh and lovely home every day,
  • Relieving the feelings of stress,
  • Sleeping better,
  • Becoming more productive,
  • Improving your fitness level,
  • Preventing allergies and asthma problems.

Relieving stress and fatigue

An unkempt house is unpleasant to the eyes, as is usually the case with huge amounts of clutter and dirty surroundings. Excessive clutter makes it hard to find things, and constantly reminds us of all the work that’s still waiting to be done.

Psychiatrists agree that a disorganized home can easily cause stress and drain our energy, leaving us feeling tired and unhappy. This is why keeping a clean home has such a profound impact on our subconsciousness, mood, and ultimately, mental health. 

Better sleep

A peace of mind is closely connected to sleep quality. If your stress levels are low, if there’s no tiny voice in your head reminding you of all the things that still need doing, if your bed sheets are fresh and clean, you’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep. Even a small task such as making your bed in the morning can help you go to sleep more comfortably in the evening.

Raising productivity

It’s easy to waste a lot of time searching for something that you would normally find in under a minute, wherever there is a disorganized mess. Besides that, studies have shown that clutter provides a great distraction for people looking to procrastinate. 

Keeping everything tidy and clean raises productivity by helping you stay focused on your tasks.

Improving fitness level

Cleaning involves a lot of moving around, which may not burn all the calories that a good exercise session at the gym would, but still keeps you active. Staying active is essential to staying fit, especially nowadays when most people spend too much time sitting, be it at work, in front of screens (TV, computer, smart phone), in traffic, in cinema, theater, etc. 

By reducing mess and with it the stress, people tend to eat healthier too. According to a 2013 study published by the Association for Psychological Science, people who work in a well organized space are two times more likely to pick an apple instead of a chocolate bar than those who work in a messy space.

Preventing allergies and asthma attacks

Dust can be really stubborn, especially when there’s plenty of stuff in the house it can stick to. Many people are allergic to dust and dust mites, so letting these accumulate along with pet dander or mold can create serious health issues.

Regular and thorough cleaning prevents allergic reactions and potential asthma problems. Air purifiers are great as they improve air quality by eliminating harmful particles.